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Standards of beauty in the Ancient Greece

Ancient Greece, a civilization that never as no other before has given so much importance to the research of beauty and harmony, to the discover of ideal beauty and of the agreement that there is between it and the moral.

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The duality of beauty

We always have to choose: between good and evil, right or wrong, your heart or your mind. Also beauty lives a dual identity; it is divided in between the body and the soul. Even in this case we are always

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The new frontier in fashion? Genderless.

Contemporary fashion is changing. The new frontier? Genderless. The goal is to cancel the sexual differences with, only, the strength of the clothes. Genderless describes a concept that sees a garment not being prescribed to a preferred gender when designed, and

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Socially constructed beauty.

Beauty is an association of ideas: for someone is like looking its figure in front of a mirror, with a slim and athletic body, as the models that we use to see on the cover of fashion magazines. For someone

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